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By constantly pushing our brain’s abilities to the very edge, our world has opened up to us. From the creation of the wheel to the powerful supercomputers, from exploring the oceans to manned missions to Mars, our incredibly complex yet amazing brain has made all this possible. Recent advances in neurology and cognitive psychology have established the significance of mental exercises like never before. We now know that our brain continually rewrites its own operating instructions and alters its very structure in response to our experiences, just like the muscles of our body. We also know that our brains can be engaged in activities or mental tasks that stimulate the brain and help develop memory. Our mental fitness program will provide you with the tools and exercises that keep working on your brain every single day. In a world, where a generation of kids are spending an excessive amount of time on games and gadgets severely affecting brain development, our mental fitness program will serve as the perfect antidote and help exercise the brain regularly, leading to improved results in all spheres. The best news, improving your mental fitness does not require too much time.

Right Brain Development Program

It is a balanced brain that helps a child navigate through the various challenges life poses, be it emotional, situational or cognitive. What this simply means is that both the left and the right brain must be equally stimulated from an early age. While the conventional education system focusses more on the left brain development, it rarely provides a child with an authentic right brain development program that is required to achieve the balance. A powerful right brain development program allows the child’s natural talents to come to the fore.

At Creators’ Canvas, our goal is to “Open the Unopened Doors”. Our Right Brain Development Program which is a significant part of the Power Brain Workshop helps to draw out every child’s untapped potential.

More Benefits

Neurobics is a scientifically-backed exercise programme for the brain that helps the brain to produce neurotrophins. They are designed to help the brain to produce its own nutrients and grow, maintain and strengthen brain cells. Neurotrophins are a family of proteins that induce the survival, development, and function of neurons.

The exercises use the five physical senses of sight, smell, sound, touch, taste, alongside the sense of emotion. It encourages us to do things outside of our usual habits that can easily fit into our daily routines. The exercises can be done anytime and anywhere which makes it a convenient way to train our brains.

Alpha waves are those between 8 and 12(Hz) frequency band. Good healthy alpha production promotes mental resourcefulness, alertness, aids in the ability to mentally coordinate and enhances overall sense of relaxation. In this state you can move quickly and efficiently to accomplish whatever task is at hand.

Alpha has been linked to extroversion (introverts show less), creativity (creative subjects show alpha when listening and coming to a solution for creative problems), and mental work. During Alpha, we tend to also experience good moods, see the world truthfully, and have a sense of calmness. Alpha is one of the brain’s most important frequency to learn and use information taught in the classroom.

One of the keys to achieving the best out of our brains is to understand how our brain thinks and works. All of us spend a lifetime never really bothering about trying to understand the mechanics of our brain. Yes, it is an evolving science, but over a century of research in the area has given us significant insights into our brain’s functioning

Whole brain development takes place once a child understands how the brain stores information, how it processes new information, what it does to information received repeatedly over time, how the brain treats images, seeing vs hearing – which is more powerful etc. Our program will break all this down into simple facts for children to understand and benefit from their knowledge about the brain.

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