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These days our kids are swamped with practically everything online in terms of school, tuitions to extracurricular activities and with so many workshops available on practically everything that one can think off, it becomes very challenging for parents to decide what is good for our child? Power Brain Workshop is one such great find by us for our Son as we were struggling to improve his concentration levels and memory in general given the COVID situation.

When we first heard about this workshop through a close friend, we were not too sure as we had not heard about something like this before. But after attending the demo session, we were quite impressed with the content and thought there is no harm in trying it out. We must say that Power Brain Workshop is indeed the best thing that you can give to your child. Our son has learnt so much from this workshop, all of which cannot be described in words. He used to be extremely excited and eagerly looking forward to these sessions on a Saturday morning. For example he remembers the 118 elements of the periodic table when asked randomly between 1 to 118.

The Power Brain Workshop has been a great experience and we have absolutely loved every single session. We are extremely satisfied with the outcome and would certainly recommend this to every parent.

Power up your child’s brain with Power Brain Workshop!!!

Seema and Vijay P. Mandloi

Mumbai, India

‘When I first heard about the Power Brain Workshop, I was a little skeptical. Nonetheless, since a good friend recommended this, I decided to speak to Sanjay, the founder. What I liked about that first conversation with him was that, there was a genuine interest to enable kids with the techniques to remain focused, improve memory, concentration and aid overall brain development. I immediately enrolled both my kids, Anirudh and Samyukth.
After the very first session, when I asked my kids whether they want to continue or stop, both of them unanimously said: this class is fun and we want to continue, which was a surprise. And a few classes later, they both were able to remember and recite the first 40 digits of Pi. My first one could even say the digits in the reverse order. Since then, the journey has been great, every week, 30 mins before the class, they will ask me for the link to join the class and eagerly wait to join the class.
Aside from the main goals of improving memory and brain power through intuitive techniques, I believe the kids have emerged with a better overall personality with a boost in self-confidence.
A wholehearted thanks to the Power Brain Workshop, for the wonderful sessions”
Sandhya and Anand Bindumadhavan


Ever since he joined the Power Brain Workshop, my son Yadhu has grown in incredible ways. The classes teach him how to strengthen his memory power and help with his overall brain development. Yadhu simply loves the class and he always wants more of it. I was surprised to see all the kids in the class asking for additional time to extend the class hours. Kids absolutely enjoy everything and also learn a lot. Yadhu was able to recall the first 60 digits of Pi in quick time using one of the powerful techniques he learnt. All credit goes to Sanjay, the founder of this amazing program. His teaching techniques are highly effective and result orientated. I highly recommend the Power Brain Workshop to all the kids around the world. I want this to be a year – round regular class for Yadhu.
Sudha Jayaraman

Melbourne, Australia

As a parent, we always want to give the best to our kids, especially when it comes to education. If we can provide our kids with tools and techniques to utilize their brain power better, it will help them not only with their school work, but also in their extra curricular activities. I chose Creators’ Canvas, Singapore and their Brain Power program for my son, Prithvi. He immediately got hooked on to the program after attending the initial demo. Just like any other NRI Kid in USA, my son takes classes in vocal music, instrumental music, martial arts, tennis etc etc etc. This is the only class, he always looked forward to attend and decided to continue even after the twelve weeks basic course. The founder, Sanjay, is an experienced trainer who has worked a lot with kids. His experience is evident in every single class. He keeps the kids interested, motivated, fully engaged and most of all, lets them have good fun. Sanjay and his team of trainers are fully committed to deliver the best. I recommend the Power Brain Workshop, if you are reading this testimonial and are considering it for your child.
Priya and Vishy Raman

Houston, USA

“Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher”. This Japanese proverb comes to mind when I think about the influence Sanjay has had through his Power Brain Workshop. In today’s world, especially over the last year, where almost everything is being done virtually, my husband and I were skeptical about adding more to our children’s schedule. It meant even more screen-time. However, the Power Brain Workshop demo changed our mind as it really piqued our interest. Our children have truly enjoyed the 12-week program. Though each session was 2 hours long, they looked forward to it and enjoyed every minute. The program was able to keep them focused through a variety of games designed to promote out-of-the-box methods of studying versus rote memorization. I’d certainly recommend this program for anyone looking to learn new and innovative techniques for improving their intellectual abilities.
Swetha Iyengar

Chicago, USA

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