Power Brain Workshop

A path breaking program to train school students on generic skills that help improve their memory power, imagination, analytical ability, logical reasoning, creativity and overall brain power. The workshop aims to bring out the very best in your child, and make him or her, future – ready.

For kids in the 8-16 age group

Young Titans Brain Challenge

The wackiest, funnest and the most exciting brain games ever, the Young Titans Brain Challenge is calling all kids in Singapore, India, Australia and USA, in the 6 – 15 age group to join us with family for a blast like you have never experienced before.

Young Titans Brain Challenge is an online event designed and developed by Creators’ Canvas, Singapore, the academy that delivers the “Power Brain Workshop” in 14 countries across the globe including USA, Singapore, India, Australia, Canada and Thailand.

Participate in two amazing online competitions, the “Brain Bazooka” and “IQ Battery” and have unlimited fun as a family.


Brain Bazooka

The “Brain Bazooka” will require families to show an hour of high level of concentration so they can display mental speed, stay alert, respond faster than the others, identify visual patterns and show excellent presence of mind. Numbers, text, images or videos, every question or challenge will be fun and tricky and families will have to turn into sharp shooting bazookas!


IQ Battery

A fun test where families will have to use the best of logical thinking, display lateral thinking skills. observe with intensity, exhibit visual intelligence and show how charged their IQ battery is.

Both competitions will result in a lot of fun and learning and every child will go home a winner.



Mental Fitness - The Key to Success

Mental Flexibility, Brain Exercises & Neurobics, Left & Right Brain Activation and Generation of Alpha Waves for learning

Magic Memory - Remember like an Elephant

Mnemonics, Mental Imagery, Creative Memory, Mnemofile System, Visual, Numeric and Spatial Memory Training and Phonetics

Multiple Intelligence - Discover your Hidden Talents

Numerical and Logical Intelligence Training, Creative Thinking, Observation Skills Development, Visual Intelligence Building and Rebus Puzzles

Power Personality - Think and Act like a Winner

Presentation Skills, Creative Writing and Film Appreciation

Broad Benefits of Program

Mental Fitness

The mental fitness training leads to increased concentration, attention span, focus, resolve and readiness to take up all kinds of mental challenges.

Memory Techniques

The memory techniques help the student learn better and faster, remember longer and recall quicker at one’s own will.

Intelligence Exercises

The multiple intelligence exercises improve cognitive skills, problem solving ability, increase imagination and creativity leading to a higher IQ and improved aptitude.

Power Personality

The power personality exercises lead to increased confidence in communication, writing ability, presentation skills and story telling ability.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of the course?

The basic program of the Power Brain Workshop is for twelve sessions. Each session is for two hours. The advance course which is designed to take your child’s IQ and Aptitude to the next level and prepare him / her for the future, is for another thirty six sessions. While the basic program is extremely powerful by itself, majority of our students prefer to stay and take their brain development to the maximum.

Are the classes online?

The classes are mostly online currently. However, once the pandemic is over, we are working to offer this program through schools and academic institutions as well. The online classes will always be available.

Is a two-hour session going to be too much to handle for my child?

Students across the globe, irrespective of their age, enjoy our classes so much that they usually ask for more than two hours and do not allow our trainers to end the class. Every session is packed with so much fun and games, the learning becomes incidental.

How many students will be there in a batch?

Online classes will have a maximum of seven kids, whereas offline classes will have twenty kids in a batch. Every child will get enough attention and care and we will not stop till the goals are achieved. Our team is even prepared to do extra sessions if need be, as we value the achievement of our goals more than anything else.

What are the batch timings?

Not to worry, we will work something out based on your child’s preference.

Do you give a lot of homework?

There is always a little homework which is essentially to ensure practise of techniques and some general preparatory work. The good news though, most of the homework is usually fun and the kids enjoy it thoroughly, and are eager to share their experience and learning in the next class.

Do parents need to be involved in any way?

We enjoy interacting with our parents as we want them to be a part of their child’s development. We teach a game that usually becomes a fun family affair resulting in greater bonding within the family. We also invite the parents a couple of times during the classes, to witness their kids’s new capabilities, and also to learn to help their wards in certain techniques.

What if I miss classes due to exams?

We will find a way to offer you a makeup class as long as you have not missed more than one session and that too for preparing for your exams. If you miss more than one class, we can at best spend thirty minutes privately with you and explain the concepts and techniques that you missed and share the material that may help you catch up with the others.

Will my child get a certificate?

Yes, your child will get a certificate from Creators’ Canvas, the academy run by Singapore based Suru’s Planet Pte Ltd.

What Our Families are Saying

“Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher”. This Japanese proverb comes to mind when I think about the influence Sanjay has had through his Power Brain Workshop. In today’s world, especially over the last year, where almost everything is being done virtually, my husband and I were skeptical about adding more to our children’s schedule. It meant even more screen-time. However, the Power Brain Workshop demo changed our mind as it really piqued our interest. Our children have truly enjoyed the 12-week program. Though each session was 2 hours long, they looked forward to it and enjoyed every minute. The program was able to keep them focused through a variety of games designed to promote out-of-the-box methods of studying versus rote memorization. I’d certainly recommend this program for anyone looking to learn new and innovative techniques for improving their intellectual abilities.
Swetha Iyengar

Chicago, USA

About Us

Creators’ Canvas, Singapore is an academy founded by Sanjay Srinivas and run under Suru’s Planet Pte Limited, Singapore.

 Trained in New Paltz, New York under Jonathan Fox, the world – famous theatre exponent, Sanjay has conducted theatre – based creative thinking program for thousands of children in India and Singapore. He also conducts Creative Thinking programs for professionals from companies like Tata Motors, Godrej, Great Eastern, Vodafone, McDonald’s, Kotak Bank etc. His unique play cum leadership training program “Chanakyashastra” was a global hit. He has directed five plays and two feature films, including the award winning children’s film, “God Lives in the Himalayas”.

Sanjay has personally trained several current successful film and television actors in India. While in India, he created and ran the Bombay Playback Theatre Group successfully, for over a decade. All his programs have been unique and path – breaking and he always aims to bring new things to the world.

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